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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A new system for waste disposal from our home

The above three jars along with the materials kept on the top of the jars got by me through our residence association Kattithara Road Poura Samithi (KRPS). An amount of Rs.1300/- was paid by me towards the cost of the item during 2010. The representative of CREDAI, Kochi explained us how to use this and how it works and convert as useful to us.  The instrument having three jars in which we can collect various types of wastes from our home. After putting the waste the chemical supplied in the small bottle (shown above) diluted in the sprayer and sprayed on the top of the waste after pouring the some dried material supplied alongwith the jars. On filling full of waste in the top jar, the same should be replaced with the jar placed in the middle portion and when the second jar also gets full, the waste in the middle jar is transferred to the bottom jar through the hole in the bottom side and after that the middle jar should again be replaced to the top and the waste is finally collected in the bottom jar. This waste in the bootom jar can later be used as manure for the plantain, coconut tree and various small plants in our home. I am using this waste disposal system in my home for the last two years, and we are using the waste converted as manure for various plants in our home. 

Now people in various parts of our state is facing difficulties for the disposal of the waste from their home.  This system  seems to be very much helpful to the people who are residing in big cities.
This waste disposal system is now available near Edappally Church in Ernakulam District. Now the cost may come around Rs.2000/-.   

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